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Sketch 53.2 and above requires macOS High Sierra (10.13.4) or newer, and a working Internet connection, in order to be able to install the software and receive updates and upgrades.

Novice and advanced users can find more detailed information about Sketch and its features in our Documentation. You can also take a look at our Resources page, where we feature videos and other content to help you get started.

You can read the Sketch End User License Agreement here, which is a legal contract between a software application author or publisher and the user of that application.

Due to the technologies and frameworks exclusive to OS X that Sketch has been built upon, regrettably we will not be considering supporting Sketch on either of these platforms.

We don’t currently have plans for an iOS version of Sketch for reasons beyond our control.

The trial version of Sketch lasts for 30 days from the first time you launch the app on a new device.

The Sketch trial is fully featured and there are no restrictions on how you can use the app. This includes the ability to install third-party plugins, export your designs and upload Documents to Sketch Cloud.

If your operating system doesn’t support the latest version of Sketch but you still want to try it out, you can download any version of the app from our updates page and try it free for 30 days on a new device.

If you feel like your trial was shorter than 30 days, it’s likely that you have tried Sketch for 30 days in the past, on this device, and then updated to a new version. If your trial has expired and you update Sketch, the trial period is extended by five days to give you a chance to try out the latest version.

You won’t be charged automatically when your trial ends and we don’t require credit card or payment details to download and use the free trial of Sketch.